Yacht Support

Motor Yacht Dragonfly in Port Vila HarborWe are available in whatever capacity you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our prices are fair and transparent. Please email us for a price list. Whether you need minimal support for a crew stopover or extensive support for a guest trip, our prices match the quantity of service you require.

Find out more about what we do in terms of Engineering Support, Provisioning, and what we can offer as Cruising Resources.


Concierge Service

If you would like help booking tours, taxis, airplane or helicopter charters, let us know. We have an extensive network of contacts here. If we are booking for you, we are working for you so will give the best prices available for the level of service you require.

Shenandoah Bunkering on the main wharf

Vanuatu Bunkering

Port Vila provideds excellent quality low sulphur deisel at prices comparable to those around the Pacific. Duty free fuel is available as you clear out. Due to the high volume of fuel we purchase, we get excellent rates from the local fuel company. Contact us for a quote in any currency.  We can also assist with various payment options.


There are four official clearance ports in Vanuatu:  Lenakel on Tanna, Port Vila on Efate, Luganville on Espritu Santo and Sola in the Banks. Mystery Island is available for cruise ships.  Contact us for more information regarding clearances as procedures sometimes change.