Superyacht Services in Grenada: Everything You Need for a Perfect Yachting Experience

Superyacht Services in Grenada

Whether relaxing on deserted beaches, swimming the corals or exploring centuries-old forts, Grenada radiates Caribbean soul. Here, you’ll find friendly, helpful crews and a host of yacht charter options to suit all preferences.

With 7 days notice they will import your custom provisioning order and can also fly provisions up to you on anchor in Carriacou & the Grenadines!

Yacht Clearances

As in most Caribbean countries, nobody should step off the yacht until the skipper has completed all clearance procedures. This includes being cleared in by the appropriate authorities and completing crew lists in advance.

Grenada has recently implemented Sail Clear, a regional recreational yacht clearance system. This has reduced the amount of paperwork required to enter and leave Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Inward and outward clearance forms are now combined into one document.

When clearing out, it is important to have a valid cruising permit, copies of the crew list and passports of all aboard. Crews must also visit Immigration to be “signed off” prior to departure. A new clearance office has opened in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou. This replaces the facilities in Hillsborough.

Yacht Crew Visas

For superyacht crew members traveling abroad, a yacht crew visa may be required. This type of visa is typically a C1/D visa, which allows crew to enter multiple countries for the purpose of joining or departing a yacht. To obtain a C1/D visa, you must have a contract for employment on a yacht and a letter from the boat owner confirming your employment.

Grenada is a Caribbean gem with stunning crystal clear waters, abundant sheltered anchorages and fun activities. Its pure ambiance attracts yachts and their owners who return year after year to enjoy the island’s friendly charm. Henry Safari Yacht Services & Tours define yachting as their core business and are an accredited ship’s agent that can clear your yacht into Grenada and Carriacou, organize crew visas, receive APA and supply provisioning runs, sourcing a wide range of specialist provisions and also deliver the goods to you or the yacht on anchor.

Yacht Fuel Bunkering

With a network of locations from the same supplier with premium quality fuel and high standards of bunkering procedures, Rubis is able to offer highly competitive marine fuel prices. This is in close alignment with the superyacht industry’s focus on environmental impact which has led to a transition away from lower refined conventional fuel products, towards higher grade, greener alternatives.

They offer full agency services for visiting yachts including Customs & Immigration clearances (without Captain’s attendance), provisioning (including Gourmet Provisioning for charter vessels) and sending provisions up to the Grenadines islands by Osprey ferry or helicopter. They also handle APA receipt, stewarding and a host of other tasks.

Henry Safari Tours offers a choice of smart air-conditioned vehicles from 5 to 29 seats, for sightseeing, island tours and watersports activities in Grenada & Carriacou. They also arrange private jet and airline reservations, transportation management / airport transfers, courier services / shipment handling, spa treatments and more.

Yacht Maintenance

With its beaches, reefs and centuries-old forts, Grenada exudes Caribbean soul. Sail the islands on your own private yacht for a luxury sailing vacation, or join a regatta or sailing week to get involved with the local culture.

Full independent yacht provisioning solutions & services, Customs & immigration clearances without the Captain’s attendance, fuel bunkering, APA receipt, sandblasting services, haulout and storage at Clarke’s Court Boatyard Marina and Boatyard, courier services / shipment handling (as recognised agents for Yacht Chandlers in Florida), island tours, spa treatments, transportation management / airport and dinner transfers and much more!

Spronks Mega Yacht Services is a company that caters to large yachts visiting Grenada and the Grenadines. They specialise in gourmet provisions, and with 7 days notice they can even send their orders up to boats at anchor on Carriacou or Petite Martinique.

Yacht Insurance

Yacht insurance is important to have as it can protect you against any damage or loss that may occur. It covers your private possessions, the vessel’s transportation equipment, and even offers medical coverage for crew members. It is recommended to work with an experienced yacht broker to help you navigate policies. There are many options available, including deductibles and premiums.

Grenada’s location in the south-east Caribbean makes it susceptible to hurricanes. While it is considered south of the typical hurricane zone, the threat is real. Having an escape plan in place well ahead of time is the best way to avoid a disaster. An experienced yacht broker can assist you in establishing an appropriate hurricane plan. They can also help you with provisioning and emergency supplies.

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