Pacific Yacht Relief

I am a Y3 Engineer with Yacht masters and a Vanuatu 500ton commercial ticket.

Based in Vanuatu with my wife and two children I have run a engineering business and my wife Jess and I set up and have run the very successful Yacht agency Kaleva Yachting Services we have now dealt with over 80 yachts in the time the business has been running.

If you need a engineer in Vanuatu you get a guide as well I have travelled throughout Vanuatu and speak the local language Bislama as well as being relief engineer I can also act as Guide onboard for the trip helping to show your guests the best of Vanuatu!

I have worked on the following yachts…

  • SY Koo 44m Engineer
  • SY Sarissa 44m Engineer
  • MV Encore 30m Delivery Crew
  • SY Squall 50m Engineer
  • SY Blue Gold 50m Engineer/ Captain
  • SY Silver Tip 30m Delivery Crew
  • SY Maltese Falcon 88m IT Electronics Engineer
  • SY Mariette of 1915 43m Engineer/ Captain
  • SY Altair 38m Engineer
  • SY Phantom of the Straights (Lion New Zealand) 24m Mate