Kaleva Yachting Service specializes in outer island engineering projects and logistics.   Sam Bell, director and lead engineer has worked aboard Superyachts as Engineer and/ or  Captain for the past 12 years.

The Maltese Falcon
Photo taken by Sam prior to her launch while he worked onboard as IT Engineer

Sam’s Engineering Experience:

Prior to starting Kaleva Yachting Service Sam worked aboard the following yachts: Parimar, Altair, Mariette of 1915, The Maltese Falcon, Blue Gold and Squall. During Vanuatu’s low season over the past three years, Sam has acted as relief engineer aboard SY Squall in Newcastle, Brisbane, West Papua and Singapore. He also has worked as delivery crew and Engineer aboard SY Silvertip, SY Blue Gold and MY Encore.  He was Captain and lead Engineer on SY Blue Gold, based in Port Vila, from mid February 2011 – mid August 2012.  Sam was aboard SY Koo from April – June, 2013 as watch leader and relief engineer from Panama, via Galapagos to French Polynesia.

Sam worked aboard SY Sarissa in French Polynesia in August, 2013 and back aboard SY Koo in Fiji in September, 2013.

In 2014, Sam did stints on SY Sarissa, SY Koo and MY Senses, in Fiji, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands, Tahiti and New Zealand.

KYS works very closely with Total Marine Services, Bodium Engineering, Performance Marine and other local engineering companies to attend to your engineering issue swiftly.  We also are adept at finding what you’re looking for or if we can’t get it for you here, we can get it abroad. We have committed, great suppliers in Australia, New Zealand and the US so can get your parts very efficiently.

Telecentre in Rensarie, Malekula
Built by KYS Engineering in partnership with Incite and Oceanic Broadband.

Remote Location Engineering and Logistics

In the off season, KYS engineering focuses on the land side of things. Living in a country with such remote areas provides a perfect venue for development using solar and wind power. Our engineering team has worked over the past three years to install internet access to remote areas.   Given that these areas do not have access to power, we’ve installed battery banks and solar power.  We’ve assisted the Vanuatu National Bank in setting up communications to their remote locations. We’ve also worked with the Telecom regulator to build a telecentre at a local college.  We work very closely with Oceanic Broadband, based in Australia, to provide consistent internet access to remote areas.

Our most recent project was helping P&O cruises build docks in both Aneityum and Wala.  These projects have allowed us to travel extensively on 50 m Blue Gold throughout Vanuatu.