Meet the Team


Sam Bell – New Zealander

Director, Marine Engineer, Captain, Superyacht Cyclone Relief Lead

Sam’s background is in Marine Engineering and Sailing. He was raised in Wellington with a passion for sailing. He was trained as a Boat Builder and Marine Engineer in Auckland. After completing his studies, he moved to the Mediterranean and worked aboard numerous super yachts as Engineer and Captain. His work took him all over the Mediterranean, Caribbean, East Coast of the US and the Pacific. He’s worked aboard Parimar, Altair, Mariette of 1915, The Maltese Falcon, Blue Gold, Squall, Koo and Sarissa among others. He’s well versed in mechanical and electrical engineering. Sam has his Y3 Engineering Ticket and Yachtmaster Offshore with 500 ton Vanuatu Endorsement.


Sam and Jess at Waikiki Yacht Club

Jess Bell – American
Director, Business/Operations Manager

In the past few years Jess has worked aboard The Maltese Falcon, Blue Gold, Squall, Concerto and China Grove II as Stewardess and/ or Delivery Crew. Prior to her yachting career, she managed international education programs in Istanbul, Washington DC and Japan. Her skills include teaching, program management, writing and bookkeeping. She was trained as a French and English teacher and speaks French, Japanese, Spanish and Bislama in varying degrees.  Jess has STCW and small boat Captain’s license for Vanuatu coastal waters.



Noella Tasavi – Ni Vanuatu, Ngouna/ Efate Islands
Jess’s Assistant
In our off season and not so busy times, Noella works at the Central Hospital helping to analyse data in the labs.  She has volunteered there for the last 5 years.

Dorethy Frank – Ni Vanuatu, Ngouna Island
Superyacht Support Staff, Day Worker, Outerisland guide (Utanlangi Village, Ngouna)



Linette David – Ni Vanuatu, Ngouna Island
Office Support Staff, Day Worker

Honore Frank – NiVanuatu, Ngouna
Superyacht Support Day Worker/ Deck (STCW)


Honore (Hons)

Taman (Damien) Galinie – Ni Vanuatu, Ngouna
Superyacht Support Day Worker/ Engineer (STCW & 75 kw Vanuatu tickets)

Jimmy Petuel – NiVanuatu, Ambrym
Superyacht Support Day Worker/ Deck/ Chef (STCW)

Virginia Craig – New Zealander
Guide, Superyacht Support (STCW & 20 ton Vanuatu Captain)


Jess, Linette, Dorethy and Virginia Nguna Island