Updated Customs Information – Good News!!!

Received 1 August, 2014

Dear Small Craft contacts,


This is to let you know that we have just clarified section 47 of the Customs Act that, with the approval of the Director, vessels can actually depart from undeclared places after obtaining a certificate of clearance from a declared port. For instance, a vessel can get clearance from Port Vila, but actually depart from Port Resolution (an unapproved place) for New Caledonia, similarly they can get clearance from Luganville, but actually depart from the Torres Islands for the Solomon Islands etc.


There will be a couple of conditions stated in the approval letter from the Director, but we think this provision of the law will make life easier for visiting small crafts so that they can visit as many islands in Vanuatu as they wish. There are no Customs fees if the clearance was issued at a declared port during Customs normal working hours.


Our website (http://customsinlandrevenue.gov.vu/index.php/travellers/yacht-clearance) will be updated soon to reflect this under the item “13. CUSTOMS OUTWARD CLEARANCE”.


Customs remains committed to facilitate the above process to the best of our ability.


Best regards,