Koo Delivery Panama- Galapagos

Today we departed Panama for my first trip to Galápagos Islands and then on to Tahiti.
We started the day waving good by to AJ and the kids who are staying ashore for the trip.
After a few hours polishing and getting the boat ready for sea it was on to drills and crew briefings were now underway.
So far we have been out for about 6 hours we have caught a few fish so sushi for dinner it’s now 8pm and I just came off watch ill be up again at 4am for the 4-8 watch.


Were halfway and Today is the day of the “WOG” for those who don’t know it’s the day before the crossing of the equator onboard Koo we have only two Shellbacks and luckily for us I think the Pollywogs have not yet worked out what the day actually can entail. Today we had a huge strike but lost the whole trace oh well later in the day mark caught a huge sardine but let it go after!
It’s overcast today with about 15 kts on the nose but were all having fun prepping the boat for the next trip. Equator crossing will be tomorrow afternoon sometime and arrival tomorrow evening.