“The Happiest People on Earth”

When you talk to people about Vanuatu almost everyone says, “oh yah, that’s the place that was voted to have the happiest people on earth.”  I kept hearing that so I gave it some thought.  Why is that the case?  Why are they so happy?  Are they so happy or do they just smile a lot?  There are a million theories but I think there are two main reasons for their happiness.  The first is they are still close to the land.  When you get out of Port Vila and Luganville, most of the population lives in the bush or on the coast, next to the bush.  They spend the day surrounded by nature, not chemicals, not pollution, not stress.  The second reason is the strength of community.  The women cook together, clean together, eat together, laugh together.  When things are hard, they have a strong support network.  The men walk together, laugh together, drink kava together and work together.  It is not that their lives are easier than ours, it is that they get more help, have more companionship and less stress.