Volcanos are impressive.  They are scary because they are unpredictable. I’d been hearing about Mt. Yasur on Tanna and I couldn’t wait to get up there beside it and really see what everyone was talking about.  We took this photo at Mt. Yasur a few years back after arriving on our yacht into Port Resolution.  It was the grumbling, the shaking of the ground and the reverberation that struck me.  I kept saying, “I can’t believe they let us get this close!”  We were right there, on the edge of the volcano, looking into it.  Pretty awesome sight!  If that’s too close for comfort, you can always get the helicopter to take you on a fly by.  You can visit Mt. Mariam on Ambrym.  You can either walk up to it and camp near by or you can get the helicopter to pick you up on the beach and take you.  Or, as one of our boats did in the past, climb up one day and take the helicopter the next.

Check out this site for more info on Volcanoes in Vanuatu.